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 Doug and Stacy have lived on 11 acres for the last 15 years. They built a log cabin with minimal building skills in 90 days with wood from the forest. They now grow 90% of their own food, live 100% off of rain water and poop in buckets. They have developed a "closed loop system" we need zero inputs to feed and take care of ourselves and we are excited to teach you what we have learned! 

When you join our university you will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to start your journey, improve your current situation or just live a better life in the circumstances you find yourself in today!

We look forward to empowering you to reach your goals!

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by @gossmania

As a mother and Homesteader I love learning from the both of you. I have become so knowledgeable about so many things to help take care with our family of 9. Thanks for sharing. Much love from our little homestead in South Mississippi.


WOW! Every time I see y’all together doing the bee thing I feel like I just finished a college level course!!! Great video, stuff & information - THANK YOU️! Marcus from Chesapeake VA.


I live in Rome, Italy and just LOVE watching your videos to help me learn so many ways to live a simple life! Though I have an apartment with a small balcony, I do go to the open markets to buy fresh vegetables. So, your recipes and other ideas are welcomed, THANK YOU BOTH FOR SUCH A WONDERFULLY EDUCATIONAL SHOW!


Hi Doug! 

I just checked out your new site. It’s amazing!!! The course costs are generous. 

Thank you and Stacy for all that you do.


Paid my dues, opened the site, had already decided to make raised beds and was writing a supply list earlier, so watched that video. Simple and basic, just like I needed. Learned something useful. Already got my money's worth! Looking forward to learning even more!! Thanks y'all!!!

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